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Why Is Search Engine
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We are the Digital Agency & Digital marketing Consultant India that adds elements of Performance Marketing to the right chemistry to operate the business on the web. SEO Host Monster bases its success on the extreme specialization and expertise SEO. Relying on its professional team means having the certainty of being followed by some of the most prepared SEO on the market, and supported by an agency structured to be able to face any kind of SEO project to any degree of competitiveness.

Our services focus on consulting SEO geared to improving business performance and visibility on Google through SEO activities On-site SEO and off-site, but also affect the advice of Web Analytics, the active management of brand reputation on engine search.


Real-Time Social Media
Analytics And Market Strategy

Too many businesses go into social media marketing on an ad hoc basis. They know they should do something about social media, but don't really understand what they should do. Some firms just give access to the company's social accounts to some junior staff members – merely because they are young, so should know all about social media. However, we are well past a social strategy of post and hope. All businesses need to create a social media marketing strategy and operate the business social accounts in a thoughtful, measured way.

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How Your Website Is Performing?


    Unlimited Areas Of Our SEO Offering

    If you want to know how close you’ve come to your customers, start with typing in the services your brand provides on Google search and hit enter. It’s disheartening to find your brand at the last possible spot, isn’t it? Our team of Search Engine Optimization experts can change that for you!


    If you’re a store owner you need to attract customers through relevant local search results. A combination of relevant keywords and location citations can help users get to you faster. As professional SEO experts, we’ll help you ace local discoverability through a hosting of innovative search tools such as customising Google autocomplete prompts, using long tail keywords, and conducting a thorough content gap analysis to help you stay ahead of the curve.


    If you’re eyeing an international market share, you need to optimize your content accordingly such that search engines are able to target relevant audiences accordingly. Your messaging has to be geotargeted on the basis, language and viability. As a cross-border SEO company, we can help you identify the most suitable internationalization strategies such as using country code top-level domains, subfolders, and subdomain or


    Post COVID-19 situation there is a massive change in the buying patterns of consumers. Ecommerce activity has seen a massive surge and continues to grow even after physical stores reopen. With our eCommerce SEO services, we will present your product more engaging, help it to achieve top rankings in its niche. Our Affordable yet, professional eCommerce SEO services include everything from optimizing headlines, product descriptions, internal link structure, metadata, Trigger buying emotions, and more…


    Backlinks are the backbone of a well-rounded SEO strategy. But that’s not it. The authority and page rank of the website or blog linking back to you is the most important metric for gaining social currency. At Digital Avtar, we have cracked the code for sifting through the digital gravel to find legitimate business pages to link back to your website to increase your online standing. Higher credibility, higher rank. That’s what you pay us for!

    Do You Want More SEO Traffic?

    Things get very easy when you approach one of our specialists to get a customized quote. Which depends on your business type, local keyword difficulty, competition, your current website position, and many other factors. We try to understand your current website ranking, content, domain score, spam score, and social signals. The entire purpose of the discovery call is to understand “IF” we can help you. We simply do not work with every company that approaches us because we might not be in a position to help them. We do not push for hard sales, or strong follow up. That’s a promise!


      SEO Made Your Life Simple. A Better SEO Means Better User Experience

      With Digital Avtar at your disposal, you can expect a huge amount of organic traffic ticking on your site. Our premium SEO services include:

      Multilanguage and Global SEO: We give you the scope of tapping new locations and geographies. With us, you can expect business customers from across the world. This is because we optimize sites to appear on the topmost results of the multilingual nations.

      Local SEO and Map Marketing: We will help you achieve a strong foothold and a solid grasp of the local searches. This will further enlarge the customer base of your products and services at some of the newest locations

      Penalty Recovery is at Its Best on Digital Avtar: We use the best of white-hat and link audit SEO strategies for helping our clients recover 100% of Google Penguin and Panda penalties for reclaiming lost rankings.

      eCommerce Search Engine Optimization: Our carefully designed and intricately implemented cart and product optimization plans will undoubtedly help eCommerce stores in making their mark in desired spaces.

      Optimization of App Store: We are one of the most exclusive SEO service providers in the market at present, probably because we get our clients' apps featured right on top of respective categories on Google Playstore. By this, we play a vital role in boosting app downloads by approximately 50%.

      We at Digital Avtar advise you not to waste your time and money on going for SEO services that do not provide any results. Instead, turn on the game by converting site traffic into leads and further sales only by going for the top quality SEO services at Digital Avtar.

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